Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation:

Rainwater harvesting for irrigation is very popular, because rainwater is such a good source of water for irrigation. Whether for commercial or residential property owners, we will find a system that suits your needs and budget. We can install a big tank farm and/or underground reservoir or a small single tank, like the Jojo Slimline for a veggie garden. We specialize in water conservation and water management and will find a solution to ensure that your gardens and lawns remain green and fresh all year round, especially when combining rainwater harvesting with our recycled grey and/or black water for irrigation. We highly recommend and install drip irrigation, both surface and subsurface. Drip irrigation can save up to 70% of water and will make your harvested rainwater last so much longer. Our team is highly skilled and has the knowledge to install a system for you that is aesthetically pleasing and that will reduce your water demand.


Storm Water Harvesting for Irrigation:

Irrigation consumes roughly 30% of total household water, depending on the premises and season. To use pure drinking water for irrigation is both irresponsible and unnecessary. Stormwater is a great alternative source of water for this purpose and will save you money whilst conserving water.

The type of irrigation system will determine the degree to which the storm water needs to be treated before reuse in order to reduce health risks and clogging of irrigation pipes and valves. We highly recommend drip irrigation for both flower beds and/or lawns. Drip irrigation can save up to 70% of water and will make your harvested storm water last so much longer.