Municipal backup water:

There is nothing more frustrating than getting home after a long hot day only to realize you have no water, or getting up in the morning wanting a shower and the tap is dry!?! Not to mention the financial and/or health implications at offices and/or schools.  Whatever the cause; failing infrastructure, upgrading of infrastructure or water shedding, the result is the same; no water! A client once said to me "My personality changes when I can't wash my hands" LOL - don't we all know what that feels like!?!

Our municipal backup system offers you (private home/corporate/industrial) an uninterrupted water supply at all times. In an increasingly uncertain environment, being able to maintain your own water supply is indeed a bonus. We’ve always regarded this as the municipality’s job, but as the stresses on the system increase, more and more people are taking control of their own water supply.

We often install a municipal back-up system as phase 1 of a rainwater harvesting off-grid system. Our professional team will assist you with the best possible system for you and your family/organization.