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Types of Water Tanks

galvanized water tank
Many homes use rainwater tanks to harvest water for landscaping/gardening applications rather than as a potable (drinkable) water surrogate. Water tanks may be constructed from materials such as plastic (polyethylene), concrete, plastered brickwork, galvanized steel, as well as fibreglass and stainless steel which are rust and chemical-resistant. By far the most popular and cost effective rainwater tanks are the plastic polyethylene tanks which are available from Rainwater Harvesting. It is imperative that the tanks are opaque to prevent the exposure of stored water to sunlight, to eliminate the possibility of algal growth.

Very popular, modern looking galvanized tank.

Submerged ground rainwater tanks

Submerged ground rainwater tanks may also be used for retention of storm-water (water from roof and paved areas) for release at a later time, though this is not suitable for use in the home. Conventional rain water tanks are not designed simply to put underground and backfilled with soil. These will collapse and may pop out of the ground if empty. Special underground tanks are built, but are very expensive otherwise a special room may be built with a concrete floor and roof with brick walls, all of which possibly make underground tanks unviable, but if this is the only source of water this may be necessary.

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