Gauteng and NW Province

Demand vs. Supply

South Africa is a semi arid country and our water supplies will dry up at some point, which makes rainwater harvesting and the recycling of grey water essential. We have experienced this in the Cape, the Free State, Mpumalanga and in Gauteng already. The demand for water is increasing daily, yet the supply is decreasing and unfortunately more and more of that precious supply is being polluted (more than you know). At some point you will, if not already, experience that supply cannot meet the demand anymore. By harvesting your own rainwater and re-using your grey water you lessen the demand substantially.

Most areas/provinces have seasonal rainfall; very few have rain all year round. Use less now to save/store it for later, for when you will really need it. Water restrictions and water shedding must, and will soon, be part of our daily lives. It is the only way to force people to respect the most precious resource of all; water.

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