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Nestlé Hosts First Wind Turbines at Bottled Water Plant

Feb 27, 2013 Nestlé is celebrating its first wind energy project in the world with the hosting of two wind turbines at its Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) bottling plant in Cabazon, Calif. The turbines will provide wind power for 30 percent of the facility where the company produces its Arrowhead and Nestlé Pure Life […]

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Saving birds and bats from wind turbines

The Johannesburg-based Endangered Wildlife Trust has taken steps to guide local wind energy farms on how to avoid the negative impacts of this growing renewable energy industry. Andrew Pearson, a senior field officer with the trust’s wildlife and energy program, said there were only eight operational wind turbines used to create energy in SA. The […]

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Many comments have been made that Wind Energy is expensive compared to Coal Powered Electricity and it would result in more expensive electricity in South Africa. Technical and financial analysis shows this to be incorrect. Though sometimes implied, the 2010-2014 increases that South Africa is experiencing in electricity prices does not include renewable’s – it […]

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Africa’s biggest wind farm deal kicks off.

Sapa – AFP Nairobi The Construction of what is to become Africa’s biggest wind farm would start by June in an arid region of northern Kenya, the project’s officials said on Saturday. A total of 365 wind turbines will be erected near Lake Turkana, where winds blow predictably and regularly, averaging speeds of 11 metres […]

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