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Bulawayo’s taps tightened as water shortage bites

12 Oct 2012 – Ray Ndlovu Bulawayo’s water woes are set to mount, with its city council indicating that it will be extending water restrictions from three days a week to four. The move comes just two months after the council introduced restrictions in an effort to preserve dwindling water supplies following the decommissioning of […]

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New water meters a curse, blessing

October 11 2012 By Sibusiso Nkomo Cape Town – For many residents of Makhaza and T3V5, the installation of new water meters called “amafudo” (tortoises) has been a curse and a blessing. Although they have access to water, once their free allocation is used up the meter cuts off their water. The City of Cape […]

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Many comments have been made that Wind Energy is expensive compared to Coal Powered Electricity and it would result in more expensive electricity in South Africa. Technical and financial analysis shows this to be incorrect. Though sometimes implied, the 2010-2014 increases that South Africa is experiencing in electricity prices does not include renewable’s – it […]

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Vertical garden as part of green development V&A Waterfront

Given the historical and natural significance of its positioning, the redevelopment of the Clock Tower Precinct – and in particular the construction of No 1 Silo – is guided by the latest global requirements for environmentally sustainable construction, as governed by the Green Building Council of South Africa. Covering over 200 linear meters, and equalling […]

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