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China’s Unsafe Water Is Nestlé’s Opportunity

By Dermot Doherty on January 24, 2013 A television ad in China for Nestlé’s (NESN) Pure Life brand of bottled water shows children making unhappy faces after tasting water. One child pours his glass into a fish tank instead of drinking it; his face lights up when his mother offers Pure Life instead. Water quality […]

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Carolina still won’t drink its water

Residents say although the water is clear and tastes normal at first, it smells like bleach and leaves a sandy aftertaste. Sipho Kings reports. Trapped by a weir, the green waters of the Boesmans River swirl in a mess of foamy bubbles and dirty twigs. The water is the source for the Mpumalanga town of […]

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Red flag for 14 municipalities

May 8 2012 at 03:08pm By SAPA Water Affairs has red-flagged 14 municipalities in seven provinces, warning residents of numerous small rural towns in these areas not to drink untreated tap water. The 2012 Blue Drop Report, released by Water Affairs Minister Edna Molewa yesterday, said the warning remains in place until the management of […]

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‘There’s shit in the water’

20 Apr 2012 00:00 – Phillip De Wet Diepsloot’s desperate water situation has tested the patience of its thirsty and scared residents. It was a scene almost perfectly designed to underscore Edna Molewa’s dire warning. Even as the minister of water and environmental affairs said in Cape Town that R15-billion was required for the overdue […]

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Tap water in northwest is ‘safe’

Tests by Johannesburg Water have found that tap water in the city’s north western suburbs is safe to drink. This assurance comes after the utility issued a warning earlier in the day. Joburg WaterTAP water in Joburg’s northwestern suburbs of Northcliff, Fairland, Cresta, Linden, Blairgowrie, and surrounding areas “is now safe to consume without boiling”. […]

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Water is Life! Respect it, Conserve it and Enjoy it!

RUSTENBURG – According to Emily Dickinson, ‘Water, is taught by thirst’. Living in Rustenburg, located in the North West Province, South Africa it sounds a little ridiculous due to our usual plentiful rainfall patterns. We are blessed! However; not so privileged individulas for e.g. people living in deserts or areas with low rainfall, or even […]

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Bottled water may boost kid’s tooth decay.

Dentists are seeing a surge in baby teeth cavities, with some children having so many, they need anesthesia. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Synderman and Dr. Bruce Blau talk about the dental problem facing children in America. By JoNel Aleccia About 45 percent of parents give their children bottled water instead of tap water, a study found, […]

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Hexagonal Water

Hexagonal Water is a specific arrangement of individual water molecules where 6 H2O units consistently link to form a ring-like structure.  This unique arrangement is the basis of a more complex crystalline network that is formed when numerous hexagonal units join together. All water contains a certain percentage of hexagonal units.  The percentage of hexagonal […]

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