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Dying for water in Brits: Protestors’ blood flows again

Ficksburg. Marikana. Robertson. Cato Crest. Very different South African places, many miles apart, which have all seen citizens who were demonstrating for an improvement in their living conditions killed by South African police over the past three years. To that shameful list it appears that we can now add Brits, in the North West province, […]

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Ifafi is turning into a swamp

Water pipes bursting repeatedly in Hartbeespoort are causing irreparable damage to roads, endangering motorist’s lives and disrupting water supply. The past week pipes burst at seven places in Ifafi and at five places in Xanadu, leaving residents without water for long periods of time. According to Madibeng ward Councillor Graeme Peplar the pipes burst as […]

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Brits dirty water problems

Brits’ residents have been experiencing ‘dirty’ water as well as shortage in some areas for more than a week now. The Madibeng municipality blames it on the Hartbeespooort Dam and “adverse capacity constraints.” However, it seems the problem has more to do with the neglected and malfunctioning Brits water purification plant than anything else. According […]

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Squatters pollute irrigation canal

Despite refuse skips and bins, squatters near the Crocodile River mine use the irrigation canal as a refuse dump. The situation is shocking. During a visit to the area last week, the Kormorant found the refuse bins empty and the canal filled with anything from nappies to orange peels. Toilets have been erected on the […]

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Filthy clinic without water, medicine.

More than a hundred patients at the Hartbeespoort municipal clinic were sent home on Friday after the clinic had to be closed because of no water, faulty toilets and lack of medicine. “The clinic is in an appalling state and Last Wednesday there was no water. It was reported but the Madibeng municipality did not […]

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Pressure on municipality to withdraw tariff increase

The Madibeng municipality has received a final demand from the action committee representing residents in Hartbeespoort and Brits to withdraw the implementation of the new water tariffs. “The Madibeng Services Action Committee (MSAC), representing bulk water meter users in Brits and Hartbeespoort, issued the demand through its legal representative on 16 October after the municipality […]

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Where is the administrator? (Madibeng municipality)

An administrator and team of experts were supposed to take over the Madibeng Municipality this week, but no administrator is visible and the municipality, as well as the provincial government are keeping num on the situation. In the meantime it has been announced that the national minister of cooperative government and traditional affairs will visit […]

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Madibeng under administration?

R62 000 spent on rented cars for mayor The Madibeng municipality was informed this week that the department of local government had decided to place it back under administration – again. On Tuesday afternoon the municipal management met with the North West provincial portfolio committee to argue against the decision. In a motivation document it […]

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Substation overload

Jacana Bay residents in Meerhof, Hartbeespoort, are concerned about a substation on the premises that has been infiltrated and taken over by termites threatening their power supply. “We have been trying for months to get the Madibeng municipality to attend to the sub-station before it explodes, but it is impossible to get through to Madibeng […]

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Sewage spilling into wetlands again – Ifafi, Hartbeespoort

The sewage pump stations at Ifafi and Venice Village have been overflowing for almost a month now while the Department of Water Affairs are waiting for pumps and ‘paper work’ from the department. The department took over the refurbishment of all sewage pump stations in Hartbeespoort in the beginning of 2011. “It is no longer […]

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