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Saving water during the drought could kill

11 December 2017 – 15:45 By Tanya Farber As the festive season begins‚ the tragedy of drowning looms over every family hanging out near a body of water and even those storing water in open containers during the crippling drought. At the close of each year‚ there are on average 200 drownings in the Western […]

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Danger stalks SA dams

2013-08-27 Duncan Alfreds Cape Town – The pollution in South African river systems is an indicator of a looming water crisis if it is not managed correctly, an environmental researcher has asserted. “A large proportion of our dams are what is known as eutrophic – that means that there’s too much algae that is starting […]

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Strategy to manage SA’s water efficiently

03-7-2013 Pretoria – Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has released the second National Water Resource Strategy (NWRS2), which sets out the vision and strategic actions for effective water management. The release of the strategy on Wednesday, follows Cabinet’s approval last week. It builds on what has been accomplished by the first NWRS published […]

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Researchers Devise Hidden Dune Filters to Treat Coastal Stormwater Runoff

— When it rains, untreated stormwater can sweep pollutants into coastal waters, potentially endangering public health. Now researchers from North Carolina State University have developed low-cost filtration systems that are concealed beneath sand dunes and filter out most of the bacteria that can lead to beach closures. “It was not economically feasible to use a […]

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Iran farmers clash with police over water rights

Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 Associated Press Hundreds of farmers in central Iran have clashed with police during a protest this week against the government’s decision to divert water from the area to another province. Iranian media say farmers in the town of Varzaneh in Isfahan province smashed a pipeline carrying water from Zayandeh Rood […]

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Will South Africa run out of water by 2013?

While the Cabinet has given the go ahead for phase two of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project this will only deliver water by 2019 at the earliest. Last month former Water Affairs director-general Mike Muller who presently works at the University of the Witwatersrand, warned that Gauteng will run out of water in 2013. Two […]

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AUSTRALIA is in the grip of a worsening heat wave and worsening threat of wild fire.

Unseasonably dry weather in Gympie’s Wide Bay-Burnett region has helped turn the heat into a potentially disastrous wildfire risk. Rural operations area director for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Warren Edwards yesterday urged people to avoid all fires, even if no fire bans were in place. Weather watcher John Nairn says the late arrival […]

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Water supply and sanitation in South Africa

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article has last been updated on substance in October 2012. However, some sections of the article may be outdated since they rely on older sources. Water supply and sanitation in South Africa is characterized by both achievements and challenges. After the end of Apartheid South Africa’s newly elected government […]

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Kenya Is Facing Severe Water Issues

Kenya Is Growing Fast, but Severe Water Shortages Make The Future Look Grim by Justus Bahati Wanzala Reprinted from Alternet As demand for water rises and rainfall becomes less dependable, fewer Kenyans can rely only on rivers, springs or – for the lucky minority – a piped water supply. Many instead are turning to borehole […]

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Kenya: Water Shortages Driving Growing Thefts, Conflicts

As droughts become more frequent and water shortages worsen, Kenya is seeing an increase in water thefts and other water-related crime, police records show. The most common crimes are theft, muggings and illegal disconnections of water pipes by thieves who collect and sell the water. Many of the crimes occur in urban slums, which lack […]

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