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Water Efficiency in Gauteng

Alfred Nhlapho 28/01/2014 The Department of Infrastructure Development is putting into action the Water Efficiency Project as part of the Gauteng Green Agenda on water conservation and alternative energy resources mobilisation, this in order to enable the residents of the province to sustain their livelihoods from the limited resources available, for a long time into […]

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Beyond Fracking: Injecting Acid into the Ground – Really?

By Andrew Grinberg, Oil and Gas Program Coordinator Most of the information on acid stimulation for oil and gas production comes courtesy of industry papers on how to maximize oil production. What we do know is pretty scary. High volume acid jobs can involve injecting thousands of gallons of acid into each well. This poses […]

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Mapping the Benefits of Our Ecosystems

Science Daily July 1, 2013 — We rely on our physical environment for many things — clean water, land for crops or pastures, storm water absorption, and recreation, among others. Yet it has been challenging to figure out how to sustain the many benefits people obtain from nature — so-called “ecosystem services” — in any […]

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Drinking toilet water: The science (and psychology) of wastewater recycling

Would you drink water that came from a toilet? The imagery isn’t appealing. Even knowing that the water, once treated, may be cleaner than what comes out of most faucets, many people are disgusted by the idea. But in places like Singapore and Namibia, limited supplies of freshwater are being augmented by adding highly treated […]

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November 22, 2012–The war on New Mexico’s water (High Country News)

As residents of the West, each of us keeps, either consciously or not, a checklist of those things that make our lives here worthwhile. Some of those things add to our quality of life, like cultural diversity and breathtaking landscapes. Others, like clean water, fall more into the necessities of life category. Without clean water, […]

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Water conservation under the spotlight amid pollution concerns

Mpumalanga’s greatest concern regarding water issues is water pollution. This came to the fore during a consultative workshop between non-governmental organisations and the Department of Water Affairs in White River, today. The workshop encourages participation in the process of finalising the National Water Resources Strategy 2. This strategy will set out the direction for water […]

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Academics look for solutions to provide clean water

03 Oct 2012- Sipho Kings For the 10% of South Africans that do not have access to piped water, diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases are life-threatening. The 10% – or five million people – can only hope for an interim solution to overcome this problem. Their remote clusters of households are just too far from […]

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Water prices set to increase

Friday 26 October 2012 SABC UMngeni Water says consumers can expect to pay more for their water next year. The state-owned public entity has presented its annual report for the 2011-2012 financial year in Durban. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cyril Gamede says that the provision of clean water to rural areas remains a challenge. UMngeni […]

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Fishing from polluted rivers

Thousands of people consume fish from Washington, D.C.’s highly polluted Anacostia River, despite safety warnings On a recent boat ride up the Anacostia River, the first warm day of spring had lured anglers to the riverbank. Cooped up over the winter, they seized the opportunity to return to their faithful friend—filled with catfish, perch and […]

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Water under pressure

A UN analysis sets out global water-management concerns Natasha Gilbert 13 March 2012 The fourth World Water Development Report by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), launched at the World Water Forum in Marseilles, France, on 12 March, notes that industry, agriculture and booming urban populations are putting Earth’s water supplies under unprecedented […]

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