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Kenya Is Facing Severe Water Issues

Kenya Is Growing Fast, but Severe Water Shortages Make The Future Look Grim by Justus Bahati Wanzala Reprinted from Alternet As demand for water rises and rainfall becomes less dependable, fewer Kenyans can rely only on rivers, springs or – for the lucky minority – a piped water supply. Many instead are turning to borehole […]

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Residents up in arms over Tshwane destruction

Florapark and Broederstroom residents are up in arms over the devastating destruction of trees and other flora by Tshwane municipality contract workers. Workers from a company named Bvelela Engineering who were supposed to clear areas under powerlines cut down trees unnecessarily and out of the parameter prescribed. They also entered the properties without informing landowners […]

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Carolina still won’t drink its water

Residents say although the water is clear and tastes normal at first, it smells like bleach and leaves a sandy aftertaste. Sipho Kings reports. Trapped by a weir, the green waters of the Boesmans River swirl in a mess of foamy bubbles and dirty twigs. The water is the source for the Mpumalanga town of […]

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