Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

1. Rainwater harvesting systems are environmentally sound.

S.A. Approaching Physical ScarcityS.A. Approaching Physical Scarcity

2. Reduces municipal water demand
3. Reduces sewerage outfall
4. Reduces the capital needed for expensive dam building, and eliminates the need for new sewerage treatment works.
5. You do not change your lifestyle.
6. Stored water is available during future water outages.
7. You have adequate water for irrigation.
8. Very cost effective
9. Storm water from roofs to street is almost eliminated.
10. Large yet unobtrusive (out of site) water tanks.
11. Pipes from house to water tanks hidden underground.
12. Reduces the need to top up swimming pools.
13. Simple designs and concepts.
14. Systems are very easy to maintain.
15. Quick and easy to install. All work done in two days.
16. Exempt from all forms of water restrictions.
17. Personalized installation.
18. Option of override during a power outage.
19. Improves the quality of your lifestyle.
20. You join the happy family of conservationists.
21. Rainwater harvesting systems imbue one with passion to conserve.

Rainwater Harvesting

* Rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage and distribution of rainwater and the perfect storage facility for rainwater is a water tank. * Rainwater can essentially be used anywhere you use tap water. * The idea of using drinking water to flush toilets and water lawns is wasteful and irresponsible, especially in light of the population growth and water shortages across the country.