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Product List

Our products include:

Grey water recycling:

1) Entry level system; an instant recycling system from shower, clothes washing machine, basin and bath to the garden.

2) More advanced system; all recycled grey water treated, stored and connected to an existing irrigation system. This can be linked with rainwater harvesting / boreholes.

3) Grey water recycling through a wetlands system, stored and re-used for irrigation and or toilet flushing.

4) Recycling from shower to toilet.

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Rainwater harvesting :

1) Simple, cost effective, smaller tanks for pool top-up and or irrigation only.

2) Bigger tanks linked to irrigation systems.

3) Rainwater harvesting (small or big) for toilet flushing / laundry / ablution blocks / wash bays etc.

4) Bigger off the grid during the rain season systems (modular systems).

When combined with other water conservation systems you can save up to 90% on your water bill.

Water saving toilet devices

This simple device replaces the flushing mechanism in your toilet.

Recycling back-washed pool water

Recycling all back-washed water for topping up again. A simple, cost effective system, often installed with a small rainwater harvesting tank to take care of pool top-up.

Municipal Back-up

To cater for all those water shedding and water outage days (homes and offices). This can also be installed as the beginning of an off the grid system (modular).

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