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Water minister pays out R30m in bonuses

Wastage: Mokonyane blames circumstances beyond her control for the state of her department’s finances

14 November 2017 – 06:50 By KHULEKANI MAGUBANE

Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane has admitted that her department paid out R30-million in bonuses to its employees, despite the department being found wanting in the management of its financial books.

This emerged in a written reply by the minister to MPs’ questions.

In a reply to a written question from DA MP Anchen Dreyer, Mokonyane said 1.5% of the total provision for salaries was allocated towards performance reviews.

“This regulation is provided for by the Department of Public Service and Administration. My department complied with the regulation, and a total of 1961 employees qualified for performance bonuses,” Mokonyane said.

She said 1959 officials between salary levels 1 and 12 got the bulk of the R30-million in performance bonuses. Two officials in salary levels 13 and 14 got bonuses of R58,092.82 and R69,069.60 respectively.

After repeated attempts to get Mokonyane to account to parliament, the National Assembly has asked her to provide the names of officials responsible for the department’s irregular spending, as well as for fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

The minister blamed circumstances beyond her control for the state of her department’s finances.

She said projects were well executed by departments, but poorly maintained by municipalities.

In his 2015/16 audit report, Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu noted that Mokonyane’s department incurred fruitless and wasteful expenditure to the value of R87.2-million and irregular expenditure amounting to R2.5-billion.

In a five-hour committee meeting, Mokonyane was asked pointed questions about who was responsible for several incidences – including double and triple payments to some companies by the department – and failure to pay supplier invoices within 30 days. – BusinessLIVE

Circumstances beyond her control….. yeah right. It’s not like we are having a water crisis in this country, correct? No, let’s rather spend that money in bonuses, besides, who needs to look after this country’s water infrastructure, surely not the minister! Aaargh! No, I suppose it is up to you and I. Hopefully you can make a decision that doesn’t just benefit your pocket, but also the water situation. It is dire, whether you want to face it or not. Now wouldn’t it be nice to receive rebates for grey water recycling systems?!? Oh wait, no, can’t do that! That will benefit the people, the country, and I don’t get the impression that’s the idea around here…
Please recycle your grey water, harvest your rainwater, save water wherever you can. Look after your own water situation. The less dependent you are, the better….

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