Gauteng and NW Province

More pressure for SA households with increased rates and tariffs

Friday 1 July 2016 08:10

Households across the country are expected to dig deeper into their pockets as prices for rates and services increase as of Friday.

Municipalities, including major towns such as Johannesburg, Ethekwini and the City of Cape Town, will increase the prices of electricity, water, refuse removal, sanitation and property rates.

Households living in South Africa’s economic hub of Johannesburg will see their property rates increase by almost 6%.  Electricity will increase by 6.9%; water and sewerage by 13.2%.  Waste removal services tariffs will increase by 6% and 7.25% for businesses.

However, there will be rebates for different categories of properties. There will be 100% rebate for pensioner owners whose gross monthly income is higher than R8 200 and child headed households with a property value not exceeding R2 million.

Tariff increases are also expected in other towns and cities.

With consumers burdened by increasing interest rates and food prices, the pressure on household disposable income will continue to be squeezed.

By Tshepo Phagane


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