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Water issues in JHB continue

While supply has been restored to most part of the city, some areas remain without water.

Thando Kubheka, 14 days ago

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg Water (JW) says although supply has been restored to a number of affected suburbs, it’s still experiencing problems in some areas.

Large parts of southern and western Johannesburg have not had water for several days now following a power outage at one of Rand Water’s main pumps last week.

Areas that are still without water include Melville, Florida, South Hill and Crest Hill.

Hundreds of frustrated Johannesburg residents spent most of the weekend without water.

JW’s Millicent Kabwe says there are still problems at some reservoirs.

“We are however still struggling with Alexander Park and South Hill is also affected.”

Kabwe says they can’t say at this stage when water will be restored to the affected areas.

“We’ve made great strides at the weekend but we’re not there yet.”

Rand Water has also attributed the widespread shortages to high demands due to warmer weather conditions.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort) (eye witness news)


It is unfortunate that innocent people have to suffer the consequences of stolen / broken pumps, insufficient supply, energy shortage / outage, damaged pipes etc etc – who will ever know the REAL story ? Bottom line? Hundreds and thousands of people all over South Africa sit without water or inadequate water pressure. Although the situation is unfortunate it has also created an awareness towards water. Something that this country desperately needs. We offer many water conservation systems to cope with all of the abovementioned problems. Garden in need of water – Recycle your grey water. No water for the household/flushing of toilets – Harvest rainwater. Back-up supply – Install water tanks. When you have the systems in place you not only take care of any unforeseen ‘incident’ you also save water and money at the same time. Please conserve water. We don’t have an endless supply….


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