Gauteng and NW Province

Gauteng residents urged to use water sparingly

South Africa, Thursday, 18 September 2014

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg Water has urged Gauteng residents to continue to use water sparingly.

Millicent Kabwe, Johannesburg Water spokesperson, said that water had been restored in all areas of Johannesburg.

“All the areas that were still affected by the Hursthill reservoir yesterday are now restored.”

We are still urging the residents to use water sparingly as the levels of this reservoir are still not too high so some residents are still experiencing low water pressures.”

On Monday, a water outage left several parts of Gauteng without water.

Randwater experienced a no-water situation due to electrical problems at the Eikenhof pump station, which affected some reservoirs.


We should ALWAYS use water sparingly, not only when there is a water outage or reservoirs are experiencing a low water level. By using water for irrigation when there clearly isn’t enough is just irresponsible. Recycle your grey water for irrigation rather. Water Rhapsody has different systems that will suit your budget and garden.

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