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Minister to urgently tackle Giyani water shortage

Friday 15 August 2014 

Rudzani Tshivhase

Water and Sanitation Minister, Nomvula Mokonyane has taken away the water provision powers from the Mopani District Municipality in Limpopo with immediate effect.

This comes after the failure of the municipality to address water shortages despite being provided with a budget of R200 million.

Mokonyane instructed the Lepelle Northern Water Board to assume the responsibility of supplying water in the Giyani area.

“The incapacity of the Mopani District Municipality is also a challenge. We have since resolved that the National Department of Water and Sanitation will through the Lepelle Water Board assume overall responsibility of project management and pull everything to do with water and sanitation…”

The minister allocated R62 million to revitalise water sources, including maintaining boreholes and water pipe lines at more than 50 villages in the area before the end of next month.

Out of 300 boreholes said to be drilled – only about 1% are working

Hundreds of people from in and around Giyani filled the local community hall to address Mokonyane about their water problems.

Out of 300 boreholes said to be drilled – only about 1% are working. Most of the boreholes are incomplete while some only exist on paper, despite millions being spent on paying the service providers.

Residents are infuriated and one resident says existing boreholes do not function. They said they are only provided with water on Sundays.

Mokonyane says her department is ready to remove anyone seen as a stumbling block for people to get water in the district municipality.

She also appealed to residents to refrain from vandalising existing water infrastructure in the district.


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