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And the sewage flows….

Major sewage spillages are once again polluting the Hartbeespoort Dam and the area around the Sunway development in Rietfontein.

In Schoemansville it seems the pump station is not functioning and sewage is flowing down a rivulet behind Magalies View Estate into the Dam.

Ward Councillor Graeme Peplar said that he made enquiries with the Madibeng Municipality, but could not get an answer about what the problem is.

At the Sunway development in Rietfontein water test results showed extremely high ecoli contamination. The sewage water purification plant is operated by a generator and the supposedly purified water is pumped into a furrow and into the veld.

“Our borehole is meters away from the contamination and the stench is sometimes unbearable. We are desperate for help. It seems the Madibeng Municipality does not care,” a resident told the Kormorant this week.

AfriForum is currently preparing to take the Municipality to court and has again visited the Sunway area this week for further investigation, They will also visit the other sewage spills.

“According to the developer, he has applied for electricity from the Madibeng Municipality, but was told that there is a problem with a deposit,” said Carmea Huysamem from AfriForum.

However, when Sunway was developed, documents indicated that the electricity supply from Eskom was scheduled at the earliest at the end of 2014.

By the time of going to print, the Madibeng Municipality had not yet replied to the Kormorant’s enquiries about the sewage spills.

The Kormorant  31 July to 7 August 2014

This is only one example of what is happening to so many dams and rivers in South Africa. The pollution is out of control. By harvesting your own rain water and using that water for household use you are in charge of your own water quality. At Water Rhapsody we purify the water and treat the rain water accordingly.  By recycling your grey water you send less water to the sewage plants for treatment which lessen all these sewage spills. It shouldn’t be your responsibility, I know, but at least you will save money and water which is a good incentive and you can provide your family with safe drinking water at all times .

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