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Water sold to village poor for up to R500

May 14 2014
Jericho, a little village in North West, has been hard hit by water shortages that force even old villagers to pay as much as R500 from enterprising salespeople.
It falls under the Bakwena ba Mogopa tribal authority in the Bojanala Platinum district and is home to 8612 people.
“There has not been water for the past 10 years in this village”, resident Victor Mmekwa said.
The only source of water is boreholes. “I do not have a borehole but there are people who do and sell water to most of us,” Mmekwa said.
“We buy 200l for R10 and if you have a tank you get 5000l for R500. The water is clean and drinkable where I buy it but some boreholes have salty water.

“For others they have used people’s misfortune to do business.

They buy tractors and get water from distant boreholes then sell it to the community of Jericho for more than R100.”
Mmekwa said they had been complaining for years and nothing had been done.
Another villager, Victor Molefe complained about the high cost from the water entrepreneurs.
He said they pay a lot to get water from tankers and it’s even worse for old or disabled pensioners forced to exhaust a large part of their grants to get clean water.
Water shortage problems in the North West have made news recently and even led to protests in some areas.
“When Edna Molewa (Water Minister) was still premier, she knew our problem and she never got back to us.
We submitted another memorandum last November and we have not got a reply.”
Keith Matli, the ward councillor, said they were aware of the problem.
“The problem began when the village started growing.

We had 60 megalitres to cover the whole village then but now that there more people, so we need 80 megalitres.”

It seems to be the excuse, which is a very valid one admittedly, all over; Gauteng and North West – population increase. One would think that those making the decissions would have done their homework years ago anticipating the growth rate and making plans to secure water, but no…… people must obvipusly suffer, protest and die first and maybe, maybe then, action will be taken. How to save water, how to use less water and how to recycle water should be a priority, not how to deal with protesters. Please conserve water.

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