Gauteng and NW Province

Reduce flooding

Last year, flooding in seven South African provinces cost the country around R160 billion in economic losses, according to the Department of Social Development.  In the same year, Namibia had the heaviest rainfall in 120 years, Australian losses from Storm Yasi incurred economic losses of $20 billion and insured losses of $4 billion, and flooding in Thailand cost the country more than $30 billion.

There is no doubt that we are living in times of unprecedented climate risk.  2011 was the costliest year for natural disasters in recorded history, and the second costliest year in the history of the insurance industry, and as the mechanism by which society pools its risk, the insurance sector plays a critical role in helping society adapt to a changing climate and to mitigate personal risk.

By harvesting rainwater for household use you reduce the run-off water and risk of flooding. Storm water can also be harvested for irrigation, although water tank storage space could become a problem. Unfortunately we have replaced grass and fields with paving and concrete which doesn’t help the run-off water problem. Harvest your rainwater,  grow grass, remove unnecessary paving and work towards a greener future.


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