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Water shortage blamed on overconsumption

Written by Justin Steyn

25 October 2013

Bela Bela residents have noticed a severe decline in water levels at Fish Eagle bay.
This decline not only affects the bay but the boat club situated next door. An anonymous operator at the club said that skiing on the dam has been prohibited.
“We request that those enjoying the area will use rubber tubes instead of skiing on the premises as the water levels are too shallow and people might risk injury or death when skiing,” he said.
Divisional manager for the Department of Water and Sanitation, Jimmy Moloto, said that declining water levels are happening nationally.
“South Africa is facing a water decline in various areas of the country even in areas in the Free State and Easter-Cape has seen recent declines,” he said.
Moloto said that the decline must not be confused with climate change and urges South Africans to use water sparingly.
“Although climate change affects us all it is not the case with the water shortages. The actual problem is that people are wasting water unnecessarily,” he added. Moloto admitted infrastructural complications in Bela Bela, but emphasized that the public should not resort to pointing fingers at their local municipalities.
“In the case of Bela-Bela there is a need for borehole repairs in the area but I would still urge that the communities use water sparingly,” said Moloto.
In May Water Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, highlighted the notion of sufficient water usage.
“If we continue with this trend of using water as if it is an infinite resource, we may find ourselves in some form of trouble,” she said
Malewa indicated that the department performed a study and had developed a wide infrastructure plan which is estimated to cost in the region of R671-billion.

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