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South Africans urged to prioritise water conservation

Monday 21 October 2013 08:05

Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs Ms Rejoice Mabudafhasi has appealed to all South African to conserve water.

She says South Africa is ranked in the top 30 countries globally of water stressed countries.

The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs is constantly working on strategies to encourage water conservation because of the problems that South Africa is facing,.

The department now has a slogan “Water is life, respect it conserve it and enjoy it”.

Speaking on Morning Live Mabudafhasi says 37% of water is lost at household level and this equals R7 billion per annum.

Despite its environmental importance in sustaining nature and our households, water has a vital role in the growth of our economy.

They department is now training unemployed youth in teaching households on the importance of proper working equipment such as toilets and sinks.

Mabudafhasi says through this they are encouraging the youth to form SMME’s to be able to be contracted by the municipalities.

She also touched on the partnership between the department, the Emfuleni Municipality and Sasol on the successes they have had in water conservation.

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