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Kimberley Water Problem: Letter from the NOCCI CEO

Posted by: Webmaster in Business, General News, News, News Slider October 10, 2013

Please all be advises that there is currently a water problem in Kimberley and we are asking all businesses and the community to please use water sparingly.

There are areas without water an certain areas with very low pressure.  Once  I get feedback from Sol Plaatje Municipality I will distribute it to all our members.

The Newton reservoir is running very low at present.

I honestly believe that the time has now arrived that we demand explanations from the powers to be as what the true problem is and stop with the NO Responses and NO Feedback.

Business and the community has a right to know what is happening in Kimberley as it affects production in the business place.

Kind Regards

Water problems seem to become the ‘norm’ in South Africa. In the North West we have a very low (critical) reservoir. People have been without water for weeks!  Businesses are trying everything witin their power to have an emergency water supply system installed for those water ouatge days.

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