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Randwater ‘chokes’ water supply – Madibeng owes millions

Meerhof, Ifafi and parts of Melodie are currently experiencing very low water pressure because Randwater is currently ‘choking’ the water supply by 40% because of Madibeng Municipality’s non-payment of the Randwater account over the past three months.
“The municipality paid R1 million on Monday but another R1 million is still outstanding,” said DA ward councillor Eddie Barlow on Wednesday.
Randwater initially reduced the flow by 20% three months ago and then by a further 40% last week.
False information was given to the Kormorant last week regarding the low water pressure in Meerhof, Ifafi and Melodie.
The Kormorant was informed it was due to an increased demand and that Randwater opened the valves causing pipes to burst.
The Madibeng account is three months in arrears.
“According to Randwater a formal letter was sent to Madibeng informing the municipality that should payment not be received by 13 September, the water supply would be choked up to 40% on Monday. I was told that Madibeng pays in drips and drabs,” said an estate manager in Hartbeespoort who contacted Randwater regarding the low pressure. Upon enquiry about the situation, ward councillor Graeme Peplar was told by the municipality that not the Director Technical Services, the Municipal Manager or the Chief Financial Officer were aware of the situation. “The Chief Financial Officer told me on Thursday that the invoices had not been signed. On Friday he said the payment was at the release stage and would be paid by Friday afternoon at 16:00. Approximately half of the outstanding amount was paid on Monday.
Randwater told Barlow this week that the pressure would be restored if the municipality undertakes to settle the rest of the account soon.
“This is just weak and bad administration from top to bottom. They can buy a birthday cake for R6 000 and take a cable way outing for R16 000 but they don’t pay the essential bills and deliver the essential services they are supposed to,” said Barlow.

27 September 2013

It is not just because of unpaid accounts, in general the water pressure is dropping all over Gauteng. At some estates, the water pressure is as low as 2,7bars. That’s a bit of a disappointment after you’ve spent millions to find a secure home in secure surroundings. With our rainwater harvesting system you will have the desired pressure of at least 3,5 bars as well as a guaranteed water supply, even during the dry (winter) months.

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