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Free State’s water crisis confirmed by Blue Drop Report

Patricia Kopane, DA Leader in the Free State
28 August 2013

The latest Blue Drop 2012 Report confirms the water crisis facing the Free State province.

The fact that Free State is in the bottom 3 provinces in the country for water quality and supply, along with Northern Cape and Mpumalanga, shows the total neglect of this crisis by the provincial government.

The Free State’s Provincial Blue Drop stands at 73.6% which means the province’s compliance levels are too low – water that is safe for drinking should score 95%.

This report follows after a survey by DA representatives revealed that 26 towns in the Free State either had no water at all and limited access to water or safety problems with water hygiene.

The DA reiterates its demands for an urgent plan from the Cooperative Governance Department to end the suffering of communities across the province under this water crisis.

There hasn’t been much difference between the 2011 and 2012 scores and the Democratic Alliance is concerned by the slow pace of government in dealing with this situation.

The DA remains committed to ensuring that Free State people get clean and safe water for consumption. The DA will continue reporting such transgressions to the Human Rights Commission and will institute criminal charges should there be no compliance.

Please harvest your own water. Rainwater harvesting doesn’t need to be only effective during a crisis. It can and should be done immaterial of a crisis or not. It is an overall water conservation system. In this case it could’ve given so many people some form of water. Water Rhapsody’s system is designed in such a way that you always have emergency back-up water in the water tanks.


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