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Save water with drip irrigation

Drip irrigation saves up to 50% compared with sprinklers. The higher a sprinkler throws water, the greater the loss to evaporation and overspray. Sprinklers wet the surface quickly and when the soil surface is saturated, puddles form. As the puddles grow, water can flow downhill and cause runoff and erosion even though the subsurface may still be dry. Sprinklers often distribute the water unevenly with some areas too wet and others too dry. Drip irrigation solves the problem by delivering water slowly and under control to a precise area at the roots, with no appreciable loss to evaporation and none to overspray, runoff or erosion.

When installing a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation purposes it is important to consider either drip irrigation, submersible drip irrigation or the porous pipe. THEN you will benefit from your system. Once you see how quickly your water level drops with older, less water wise systems you will realize just exactly how much water you waste on irrigation, which is unnecessary. A rainwater harvesting system must be installed with a water wise irrigation system.

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