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Budgetary constraints delay water project in Limpopo

Tuesday 25 June 2013

The Mopani District Municipality in Limpopo says the water project in Muyexe Village outside Giyani is being done in phases due to budgetary constraints.

Municipal spokesperson Neil Shikwambana says the project is expected to be completed next year. Muyexe residents still buy water, despite government’s spending of millions of rand to improve the situation.

President Jacob Zuma earmarked the village as a pilot project for rural development about four years ago.

Shikwambana says, “We’ve laid down pipes there, we’ve also put a specialised package plant to purify the salty water that comes from the boreholes at Muyexe. The final phase will then come in the next financial year where we’re going to insert about 70 stand pipes for the whole area of Muyexe so that all the 11 boreholes that are there when the pump to the reservoirs there, then the water is able to be reticulated to entire village of Muyexe because without reticulation you can’t be able to access the entire area of Muyexe since you’d know that it’s quite an out stretched area.”

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