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20 000l of water delivered to Mandela hospital

June 21 2013
The Pretoria hospital treating anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela received thousands of litres in emergency water deliveries on Thursday after a planned maintenance water cut lasted longer than expected, radio reported.
About 20 000 litres were rushed to the Mediclinic Heart Hospital, where Mandela has been receiving treatment for a lung infection for nearly two weeks, radio 702 reported late on Thursday.
An additional 10 000 litres were put on standby.
The water cut had been planned, but “it was anticipated that it wouldn’t be that long”, city spokesman Blessing Manale told radio 702.
There was no comment immediately available from the hospital. – AFP

Would the hospital have received that water was it not for Mandela being hospitalized at that time? Water outages are common these days; schools and hospitals suffer. Businesses can’t function without water. We have more and more water outages and more and more towns experiencing serious water shortages. Please conserve water; harvest your rainwater, recycle your grey water; make every drop count.

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