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Water tight in dry Botswana cities

Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, is facing a number of challenges, following reports of city water being unsafe to drink, while maintenance is needed to address supply and reduced water pressure problems.

The Water Utilities Corporation of Botswana has followed up on the reports with tests that show the potable water supply is safe, without needing boiling. This contradicts earlier findings by the United States Embassy in Botswana that water tested in five Gaborone residencies contained harmful bacteria and needed sterilising.

An additional concern is that the Gaborone dam supplying the city’s 250 000 residents, as well as the city of Lobatse, has had 13 months without inflow, due to drought. The current dam level is at 32.26%
Water Bulletin Sewage and Effluent May 2013

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