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Burst sewage pipe a hazard for Tshwane farmers

A burst sewage pipe north of Pretoria, South Africa, has sent black water running into a drain linked to the famous Apies River, causing a potential health hazard.
Eyewitnesses report the pipe has been discharging effluent into Hammanskraal Road in Bon Accord, between Roodeplaat and Bela Bela, for over a week and municipal authorities are yet to intervene.

At the time of writing on Friday, dirty water was running into a nearby stormwater drain which links up with the river, the main water supply for both subsistence and commercial farmers to irrigate their crops. A local farmer says, “The residue on the road makes it appear as though the pipe has been burst for at least a week, maybe two.”

Water Sewage and Effluent has logged a report with the Tshwane Municipality and awaits information on the status of a repair.

It is an absolute disgrace to see the state of our water and sewage infrastructure. Burst pipes everywhere, sewage spilling into rivers, a never ending story and always the same tune….. waiting for repairs, waiting for someone to be productive and actually DO something about it (actually fixing it) instead of blaming old pipes, old regime etc etc.

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