Gauteng and NW Province

21st Century; the century of water

The regions of the world are threatened by water shortages due to economic growth, population growth, climate change, etc.
Advancing the international agenda on improvement of drinking water and sewage treatment system, we will have to cope with issues such as realization of saving-energy and water circulation for reuse, along with assimilating the water quality level and one of high coverage of drinking water supply system and sewage systems.
Fresh water is steadily decreasing in the world. Today, advanced processing is required for various types of water to produce safe and drinkable water. In other words, technology for refining water has become an absolute necessity.
Our water resources are precious. To avoid wasting them, we can clean and reuse our dirty water, recycle it for irrigation. And if we clean our water and return it to nature, then we can maintain a healthy water circulation and protect our ecosystem.
As water resources are limited, we will reclaim wastewater. The reclaimed water is important countermeasures to water shortage. Today there is a demand for reusing water, and technology is being developed for recirculating and reusing sewage and wastewater.
Reusing harvested rainwater and grey water are essential to secure a future with enough water.

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