Gauteng and NW Province

From drought to floods

Not long ago they experienced a drought and now the Spring rains are the enemy. Flooding threatens farms and towns along the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. It has also been forecast that the high water will continue into next month.
It is so bad that they have to build a wall with sand bags in the hope to contain the bursting Mississippi. The rainfall has been three times the norm for April.
These extreme weather patterns are becoming ‘normal’. You either have a drought or floods. Rainfall is very unpredictable. Even here in Gauteng, South Africa, we have experienced similar weather patterns during summer. We had 105mm in Centurion within two days and then we had nothing for a few weeks, just the scorching sun.

The ideal is to harvest that water whilst it is raining and use it throughout the summer months. Get off the grid. Store that water in your water tanks and have a back-up supply.
With all the water outages we are experiencing in gauteng lately it is also essential for businesses to have back-up water, whether municipal or rain. Just prepare for the drought, prepare for another day without water at the office.

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