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Ifafi is turning into a swamp

Water pipes bursting repeatedly in Hartbeespoort are causing irreparable damage to roads, endangering motorist’s lives and disrupting water supply.
The past week pipes burst at seven places in Ifafi and at five places in Xanadu, leaving residents without water for long periods of time.
According to Madibeng ward Councillor Graeme Peplar the pipes burst as a result of failure of a Rand Water pressure reducing valve.
Rand Water replaced a meter on the main line last week and when the water flow was opened again the pressure reducing valve failed, causing pipes to burst at various places,” he said.
Municipal spokesperson Tumelo Tshabalala said the majority of the water supply infrastructure is “old design asbestos and cement pipe that cannot handle the increased pressure. The Municipality is consulting Rand Water for the installation of a pressure monitoring device,” he said. The Municipality is considering the feasibility of replacing the pipes in phases due to high capital investment.”
He said the Municipality will safeguard and close up the open trenches.
25 April to 1 May 2013

I stay in this exact suburb, Ifafi and drive through the ‘swamp area’ daily. It is unbelievable how many burst pipes we have in such a small town. It takes days, if not weeks to repair. Meanwhile the water just flows down the road; wasted and the people have no water. Please also note this has been an on-going saga for at least a year. Fortunately we are not aware of the water outages because of our rainwater harvesting system. We use the harvested water inside the house and even if our water tanks were empty we would still have back-up water in the tanks for an emergency supply that could last us for at least two days. Makes sense now doesn’t it? Being independent and off the grid is wonderful. Take control of your own water supply.

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