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Water Scarcity: Tomorrow’s Problem

In order to make any improvements regarding the issue of water scarcity in our world today, more than one solution is necessary. Although water scarcity is not a substantial problem to every country currently, many countries feel the effects of water scarcity and the issue must be addressed. If this issue is not dealt with soon, it will become a problem for many other countries in the near future, some which are already beginning to feel the effects. There are several actions that would be effective in preserving and conserving water.

Only 2.3% of wastewater that is generated by municipalities is currently being recycled and reused (Arrandale, 2002). If water were saved by utilizing reclaimed water for irrigation in Tuscon, Arizona alone, 31,000 families could be supported from this amount (Arrandale 2002). These innovations are also cost-effective. If Los Angeles County used reclaimed water instead of piping the water into the county, 26 million dollars would be saved in piping costs alone (Arrandale 2002). Globally implementing simple recycling and filtration systems would be a relatively easy task that would reap outstanding benefits. Making these global advancements would be a monetarily and environmentally friendly step in the right direction towards the reduction of global water scarcity.
University of Michigan

Rainwater harvesting is another solution. Use that harvested rainwater inside your house. It does not have to stop at irrigation. Saving water is not an option anymore. We HAVE to! Especially in South Africa; a semi-arid country.
It is music to my ears when schools express a desire to get off the grid; water and electricity. And why not indeed! We have the sun and we have the rain. Gauteng’s rainfall is pretty good, you can get off the grid for quite a few months of the year. Grey water recycling is also a very necessary step towards water conservation. We have solutions to all your water concerns and if we haven’t got one yet, we will find it!

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