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Gauteng health crisis at its worst ever – MEC

Gauteng health MEC Hope Papo admitted that the province’s health crisis is at its worst ever this year.
AMUKELANI CHAUKE | 15 March, 2013

So critical is the problem that provincial treasury intervention and a turnaround strategy were needed to stabilise the ailing department.
Papo made the concession when he appeared before Gauteng’s standing committee on public accounts in Johannesburg to explain how he planned to improve healthcare in the province.
The department had, prior to the intervention, been dealing with “systemic problems”, the MEC said.
“We admit that this year is the year that the department was at the height of the crisis – medical supplies were low [and] equipment was not being serviced.
“That is why we needed the turnaround strategy – we were at the height of the crisis.
“We have to address the systems issues [in] all areas.
“Our view is that the measures we have introduced on contract management [and] on the relationship between the hospitals and the central office – in relation to employment of staff, orders and equipment – [will enable us to improve service delivery].
Though Papo was frank about his department’s failures, Scopa did not let him off easily and grilled him about challenges the department had not met.
These included, among others, his department’s inability to implement a health information system, making it difficult to register and bill patients who are admitted to Gauteng hospitals from other provinces, or prisons.

….and Limpopo’s hospital has no running water…. How can any health care facility operate without water?! Please don’t wait until you’ve also made the headlines news; act now. Have a water tank with emergency / back-up water. Whether you harvest the rain and store it or whether you use your existing municipal supply and store it, at least just have water for those days when you experience water outages.

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