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Wellington water supply situation update

Friday, 5 April 2013, 12:30 pm
Press Release: Greater Wellington Regional Council

Water use was again below the target for maximum daily use yesterday. We thank all water users for their continuing efforts to conserve water during this ongoing dry period.

In the next day or two, river flow rates are likely to have dropped back below where they were last Saturday, before the light showers of last Sunday and Wednesday evening. River flow rates remain well below long-term April averages.

While this light rain didn’t provide a lasting boost to our rivers, it has pushed things out by a few days. We now expect to be able to meet the present level of demand for water without further rain – and without having to use storage – until towards the end of April.

The 14-day weather forecast is less promising than it was yesterday, with “the odd shower” expected over the next four days, followed by fine conditions for most of the following week. There is no rain in the forecast until the middle of the month.

We need to maintain the level of water use below 130ML per day at least until the next major rainfall. Lower demand helps to preserve our water reserves longer.

Scoop media

Imagine that! Imagine we had the same situation in Gauteng! I bet you are thinking “No, it won’t happen to us”. Well…… don’t be too sure of yourself. Please recycle grey water for irrigation purposes. Especially as we enter winter. Winter is dry in Gauteng, but it doesn’t mean your garden must die and it aslo doesn’t mean you need additional water, No! Only re-use that which you bought already. Save water, it is the right thing to do.

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