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For nearly 1 billion people around the world, water scarcity is an issue.

For nearly 1 billion people around the world, water scarcity is an issue yet every year, over $100 billion dollars are spent on bottled water world-wide.

According to the Water Project campaign, the cost of just one case of (cheap) bottled water could supply a person in Africa with clean, safe drinking water for a year.

Even countries like Switzerland, that have amazing water quality consume obscene amounts of bottled water. We need to change the culture, educate the people. It is NOT cool to order bottled water. The fight against bottled water should be seen in the same light than the fight against plastic. Why not tax it too?

Not to even mention how much water is needed to produce one bottle only then to be filled with water again. I am always amazed at seminars; every single person receives his/her own bottle of water. Why? Why not put glasses on the table with 2L potable water bottles? Very few people even finish their water, but all the bottles are always opened and what’s the end result? You have more plastic bottles to discard and perfect potable water goes down the drain. It is sad; it is ridiculous.

Please conserve water; save water. It is so easy to use less water without having to change your lifestyle. And we are not talking a bucket under a tap. No, just recycle your own water, harvest your own rainwater. There are so many ways to use less water in the home. By using less water in the home we can save our beautiful planet from the water crisis it is facing.

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