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Water scarcity is an issue for nearly one billion people

Did you know? For nearly 1 billion people around the world, water scarcity is an issue. Every year, over $100 billion dollars are spent on bottled water world-wide.

According to the Water Project campaign, the cost of just one case of (cheap) bottled water could supply a person in Africa with clean, safe drinking water for a year.

When you compare the two extremes it is absurd and sad. What some take for granted others will kill for. Yet, such is life….
What we CAN do though is to become aware. Become aware of the water problems facing us; become aware of our own country, South Africa’s, water shortages. Once you are aware you can act. You can start to save water; recycle your grey water for irrigation purposes, harvest rainwater for irrigation or household use, change your toilets, recycle backwashed pool water, the list is endless…
Water saving systems have been on the market for quite some time, yet we always wait for disaster to strike first before we act. When you act you make a difference and when we all make a difference we can provide clean water for the next generations.
Don’t wait for the next water outage / water restriction, act now – keep an emergency supply of water in your rainwater tanks at all times. Being prepared is also part of acting.

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