Gauteng and NW Province

Where is the water?

After the minister of water affairs, Edna Molewa and the Madibeng mayor, Poppy Magongwa visited communities in and around Hartbeespoort and Brits they announced the connection of boreholes to supply the communities with water, but it seems like, yet again empty promises.
Two weeks ago they visited Lethlabile, Refentse (Afsaal) and Ten Rooms and promised residents water tanks would be delivered and connected to the boreholes to supply them with water. During their visit one borehole was connected to an electrical point and a tap opened with much cheering of the crowd. Four tanks would’ve been delivered to site immediately.
Two weeks later water tankers are still delivering water to the community because one water tank is not enough to supply the entire community with water. The residents are also complaining that the water delivered is dirty. Some of the residents have been without water for four days.
Kormorant (local newspaper) has till date had no response from the Madibeng municipality regarding the water issue.
14 March 2013

Water shortage seems to be the norm lately. All over South Africa towns are affected. Rainwater harvesting is such an effective solution to the water problems. If everyone can harvest rainwater during the rain season we will draw less from our estuaries and have enough during the dry (no rain) season.

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