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AfriForum investigates brown drinking water – Pretoria

By on January 30, 2013
AfriForum submitted drinking water samples to a SANAS accredited laboratory today, following complaints about brown water in the Northern Pretoria region.

According to Julius Kleynhans, Head of Environmental Affairs for AfriForum, the Tshwane Metro Council has informed the community that the water is safe to drink. “A high concentration of manganese is affecting the colour of the water. Manganese has a visual appearance and can result in staining and taste problems. It does not, however, pose any health risks,” says Kleynhans.

It was reported that over the weekend a power outage caused the Roodeplaat Water Treatment Centre to stop supplying water. “Water was allegedly supplied from Randwater, which contains a low pH, causing sediment on the reservoir and pipeline walls to dissolve and mix with the water, contributing to the higher levels of iron and manganese,” said Kleynhans.

Areas affected include Montana, Sinoville, Wonderboom and Pretoria North. “It would take up to a week to restore normal water in the areas”, added Kleynhans.

AfriForum will monitor the situation and interpret the results to ensure no health risks develop in the process.

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