Gauteng and NW Province

Nigeria’s vital Lake Chad left out to dry

What was once one of the largest water reservoirs in Africa runs risk of drying up by end of century.
11 Jan 2013

Once counted as the largest water reservoirs in Africa, Nigeria’s Lake Chad is rapidly shrinking due to excessive use and climate change.

The lake supplies water to four different countries, but it could dry up by the end of the century.

Meanwhile, efforts to solve the problem and replenish the lake’s water are stuck in the pipeline.

How is it that so many people are so ignorant towards the water shortages facing us? Whether you believe in global warming or climate change or whatever name you want to use or not, you surely should be able to understand the simple fact: we are too many people on this planet. We do not have enough water for everyone. We have used and abused our resources, and sadly those we haven’t used and abused we have managed to destroy so badly it is beyond repair. Conservationists can predict what awaits Gauteng, South Africa, yet there is only a small minority of people that are willing to make the change, willing to conserve water, to use it wisely. We have seen and are seeing more and more universities, big corporate buildings leaning towards a greener way of life. Recycling water, making every drop count. Please conserve water, it is our duty as human beings.

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