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Iran farmers clash with police over water rights

Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013
Associated Press

Hundreds of farmers in central Iran have clashed with police during a protest this week against the government’s decision to divert water from the area to another province.
Iranian media say farmers in the town of Varzaneh in Isfahan province smashed a pipeline carrying water from Zayandeh Rood River to neighboring Yazd province. The Isfahan farmers say they need the water themselves because of a prolonged drought.
The semiofficial Mehr news agency said Saturday that the farmers agreed to hold talks with government officials to resolve the long-running dispute.
The clashes with the police erupted during a protest by the farmers on Wednesday. Several people were injured.
Protests over farming issues are rare in Iran though Isfahan province has recently been the scene of small, sporadic rallies over water rights.

Clashes over water are becoming a more common sight. We see protests worldwide because of a lack of fresh water. In South Africa we have many towns that are without water, sometimes for weeks, even months. We experience more frequent water outages hence the desire to have back-up water stored in water tanks. Between harvested rainwater and back-up water you take control of your own water supply.

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