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R800 million set for Vaal water metering system

Saturday 16 February 2013

The Emfuleni municipality says over R800 million has been set aside to install a new metering system in each household in the Vaal area. The system will also be installed for town residents who use municipality electricity. The project comes after complaints from residents that they are unfairly billed for water and electricity.
Worst affected are residents in Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging. Deputy Municipal Manager of basic services Benny Mahlangu says the project is also aimed at saving water costs running into millions of rands. Installation of the meter system will start in April.

Meanwhile, the Ethekwini municipality says no bacteria that could be linked to a recent spate of gastro-enteritis cases have been found in the Bluff’s water supply in Durban.

Residents of the suburb have been complaining about a strange taste and smell of the water, as well as an oily film. Pharmacists have confirmed an increase in gastro-enteritis cases.

Scientist Siobhan Jackson says, “Gastro illnesses are often related to bacteria which is usually what one would find in water, things like Ecoli is an indicator, salmonella, shukela, etc. These are also available from other sources like foods. They are also viral in nature.”

“Probably the most common one would be Rota virus, which is very common in this part of the world. But they do come from sources other than water,” says Jackson.

The problem is you won’t know you drank contaminated water until you are ill. The concern is you hear about contaminated municipal water more and more often. The solution is rainwater harvesting with a filtration system. You can control your own water ‘supply and demand’ and you know the quality of water for your family is safe.

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