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Solar powered donkeys

Admin, Jojo tanks, Feb 15, 2013

I hear donkeys up and down the West Coast whooping. Or whatever it is that donkeys do.
The good people at the Tshwane University of Technology’s Institute for Advanced Tooling have had a sit-down with Science Minister Derek Hanekom to discuss an idea that will change the lives of donkeys everywhere.
Basically, they’re proposing a system that allows donkey carts to run on solar power, limiting the donkey’s role to adding charm and steering it, not pulling it.
Hanekom loved the idea, reportedly, saying that solar-powered donkey carts could provide a reliable transport service to schools for pupils and teachers in rural areas. “Although more research will have to be done, we should not delay too long in testing the concept to determine whether it is feasible in real life,” he added.
Never mind teaches and pupils in rural areas: imagine what it would do for the rest of us? And the economy? There’s nothing more lovely than the clipclop of police horses on patrol: it makes the city feel like a more human place. So imagine if like the horse carts in New York’s Central Park, we had donkey carts running the tourist routes. I know I’d be very happy to use them if I knew the donkey was having an easy time of it, and the sun was doing all the real work. And it would be so much more satisfying to catch a solar donkey cart to work than to get there by almost any other route.
And then (forgive me while I dream) if you can get solar-powered donkey carts, what about using the same technology to give a helping hand to Durban beachfront’s rickshaws?
Hurry up and give us the goods, Advanced Tooling people.
Jojo tanks SA.

Lovely stuff!! We are really in a position to use the best of both worlds in this country, South Africa. We have the sun for solar energy and we have the rain to harvest rainwater. It is not that difficult to get off the grid. You can even have a solar pump for your water tank. It’s all here and available.

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