Gauteng and NW Province

The sun evaporates about a trillion tons of water every day

In sunny South Africa an average pool can lose up to 2 000L of water a month!

On average, homes with swimming pools use more than twice as much water outdoors than homes without swimming pools. Many homes have swimming pools, which use a lot of water.

The climatic conditions of South Africa that create high water evaporation are the same conditions that make a swimming pool so attractive: high temperatures and long summers. In the past the relatively cheap cost of water was also a factor in encouraging households to fill up the pool without much consideration of water loss and water use. However, South Africa is a water poor country and we face severe restrictions around pool use, it is time to take some steps to manage the water use of the swimming pool.

Recycle your backwashed pool water and use it for topping up purposes again.

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