Gauteng and NW Province

South Africa can expect more natural disasters

Scientific reports show that South Africa will become drier in the west and wetter in the east. This means the country will experience an increase in the frequency of severe weather events, such as drought, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters.
Molewa said the document does not only reflect the country’s greenhouse gas emissions profile, but the latest science on South Africa’s vulnerability to impacts of climate change.
“If we do not act against climate change, and also ensure that the parties reach agreements that will take us a step forward in the reduction of global carbon emissions, our development is at stake, our future is at stake, our pristine beaches are at stake and our future is at stake,” said Molewa.

These reports and discussions have been going on for years, but how much is actually DONE? The tax payer cannot just be expected to pay more and more for service delivery. The effects of climate change on our water is alarming. Harvest your own rainwater; use it in your entire house, get off the grid, always have back-up water in case of water outages (which is more and more frequent). There are so many ways and means to save water and money. You don’t have to sit and wait for a disaster, you can act now and take care of your own water supply. Rain is free, use it!

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