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Nelspruit hospital without water, 4 weeks now

Media Release: The SA Medical Association (SAMA) has stressed its frustration and disappointment about the current situation at Themba Hospital in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, which has been without water since 4 January 2013. The association has therefore urged the MEC and the Provincial Department of Health in Mpumalanga to address this dire situation – a serious health risk to both the institution’s patients and doctors.

Situated 15 km from Nelspruit’s earmarked Mbombela Stadium for the AFCON football tournament, the hospital has been nominated as the AFCON disaster point in the area.
The MEC visited the hospital in mid-January to assess its preparedness as an AFCON disaster facility. The doctors at the hospital have not had any feedback since, the hospital still being without water.
The doctors at the Themba Hospital are frustrated as this has an effect both on their health and that of the patients. Memorandums have been written to both the MEC and HOD but to date they have not responded. “Our members are in a desperate situation and as SAMA we are tired of pleading for their patience when we know nothing is forthcoming,” said Dr Phophi Ramathuba, SAMA public sector doctor’s chairperson.
SAMA therefore requests feedback from the MEC urgently and most importantly for the water to be restored as soon as possible at the hospital.

30 January 2013
Health-e News

It is so frustrating and sad. When do we want to wake up and smell the roses? We cannot run OUT of water and then try and find a solution. Where is this going to? If our health care facilities are running out of water what is next? Schools? It is not acceptable. Especially when there ARE solutions! Rainwater harvesting can provide back-up water, you don’t have to rely on municipal water. There are ways and means of dealing with these situations. Someone must just take the responsibility and DO IT! (sigh…..frustrated)

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