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Pretoria, Gauteng – City’s water history to be recorded

August 2 2012

A PROJECT to record the city’s early water history is to be undertaken by the University of Pretoria.

Funded by the Water Research Commission, the Hydrological Heritage Overview project is also aimed at raising awareness of the role groundwater can play in urban supply.

“Through this project, we hope to illustrate the role groundwater can play in meeting not only rural water demands but also urban demands,” commission research manager Shafick Adams said.

“Groundwater development has been placed high on the list of future water supply options, yet it remains under-appreciated by the public and policymakers alike.”

Project leader Matthys Dippenaar said Pretoria was an excellent example of the use of groundwater for urban water supply.

The Tshwane Metro Council has agreed to supply all available historical data and maps for the project.

The commission said Pretoria’s CBD residents still used the crystal-clear waters of the fountains that had sustained the capital since it was founded about 150 years ago in the immediate vicinity of an artesian water source. This source – called the fountains to this day – is unusually strong and consistent (delivering 40 megalitres a day) and was the only water source for Pretoria from 1855 until 1935.

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