Gauteng and NW Province

AUSTRALIA is in the grip of a worsening heat wave and worsening threat of wild fire.

Unseasonably dry weather in Gympie’s Wide Bay-Burnett region has helped turn the heat into a potentially disastrous wildfire risk.

Rural operations area director for the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Warren Edwards yesterday urged people to avoid all fires, even if no fire bans were in place.

Weather watcher John Nairn says the late arrival of the monsoon season has added to the heat.

“The current heatwave is unusual due to its extent. More than 70% of the continent is currently experiencing heatwave conditions,” he said.

“Low (earlier) rainfalls across much of the continent, along with the late arrival of the Australian monsoon have resulted in drier soils.

“Without the ability to remove latent heat through evaporation from moist soils, surface temperatures rise above normal, with the daily heating cycle building a deeper body of stagnating hot air over the interior.”

Meanwhile, Heart Foundation national director of cardiovascular health Robert Grenfell said people with chronic disease, including heart disease should take precautions, as should older people, children and those engaged in strenuous work.
The Gympie Times 5 Jan 2013

It is not only in Australia! Pretoria, Gauteng is so hot it is almost unbearable! In case you haven’t noticed your swimming pool level is dropping fast because of evaporation. Please recycle your backwashed pool water. At least then you would only need to replace / top up your pool with the water that evaporated, not backwashed water as well. And a wonderful combination is to top-up your pool with harvested rainwater.

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